TECHIIA Holding projects

TECHIIA holding unites 10+ technological projects
WePlay! Esports
The first esportainment company that blends esports, storytelling, and entertainment content
WP Merchandise!
The production of premium plush souvenirs based on video game or comic book characters, as well as props for various esports events
EcoTechnoPark by TECHIIA
A project of the first high-tech ecotechnopark in Ukraine
TECHIIA Construction
A company that develops projects and implements turnkey infrastructure facilities for technological purposes, such as data centers.
The product IT company which develops Senet, a hardware-software complex for computer clubs and esports arenas management.
You Tell The Story, We Add The Expertise. {j:Mind.Systems} - your tech destination for high-level tasks of various complexity. Through expert consulting and full-cycle product development & support to market solutions tailored to your business.
VRTX Venture Lab
The laboratory in which we create new businesses for TECHIIA Holding.
NGO «Techiia Foundation»
If there's good in the world, it has a face