Right now TECHIIA consists of more than 10 projects that reflect the internal values of the holding partners – attention to detail, the long-term vision, mutual respect, environmental friendliness and openness to the new

Development vectors

  • Esports
  • Full-cycle software development
  • New ventures development
  • Construction and development
  • IT-infrastructure and system integration services
  • Venture investing
  • Design and manufacturing
  • Blockchain infrastructure end services
  • Full-stack marketing
  • Distribution

TECHIIA - Business Vision

Why do we claim that TECHIIA Holding is successfully evolving in all sort of directions? The answer is simple!

More than 1000 high-class in-house specialists, harmoniously cooperate in a unified holding’s ecosystem, with the full understanding of the depth and uniqueness of each project. We do the research, track every new technology and the market needs. We implement your working cases, all via our acquired knowledge and practical experience.

Our desire to reach new heights, gives us the opportunity to offer a unique business vision and expand the range of our own expertise. Today, TECHIIA embraces the best practices in entertainment, esports, manufacturing, and modern energy IT-infrastructure building.

Become our partner

TECHIIA is always open for cooperation in ongoing projects and new ideas, relevant to the needs of society and business. We invite partnerships with investors, technical specialists, and other like-minded people.