Enestech – it's one of the most ambitious TECHIIA holding projects in eSprot Tech sphere, which engaged in software development for control and optimization PC-parks, eSports clubs, and arenas.

Because today, the project has no competitive equivalents in the CIS or Near East markets. More than 6500 installed PC-parks, and about 250 satisfied customers in 17 countries around the world speak for itself! Moreover, the customer base only growing, attracting more than 35 park owners per month.


Cloud solution

The company's developments are based on cloud computing, which provides access from anywhere in the world.

Customer focus

The product provides the ability to use the loyalty program and customize the shell for your needs.

Business analytics

Detailed analytics will help make informed decisions about further development.


PC-parks management

Special shell named Senet, developed by j:Mind.System company specialists inside the holding, provide comfortable using for clients.

Solutions for Console clubs

The company developed the compact controller for consoles, which contain useful features. The controller extends user rights, minimizing employees intervention in the process.

Billing (accounting system)

Built-in web-cashbox in the administration panel, save and give the information about all transactions, the exact amount to pay and bill number by every customer.

Financial control

The flexible system allows tracking the full cycle of financial operations. The program provides an accurate report with detailed statistics, which makes it easy to analyze income for any period.

Ready to create your own PC-park? Have suggestions for cooperation? Want to ask a question? Enestech will help you out here!

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