j:Mind.Systems – its unique TECHIIA holding project, which provides full-circle newest IT/Web-solutions development for external and internal holding’s customers. The project organizes the complex processing of each product. Beginning from the searching of ideas, and ends with full implementation and launch. Also, the company will help with setting up a launch plan and selling model, while considering your business goals.


Digital product development

When it comes to creating a unique digital product, j:Mind.Systems take up the processing of all aspects. Starting with the documentation, front-end/back-end development, ending with QA, commissioning and project support.

Product design

j:Mind.Systems specialists provide the creation of unique modern product design. Starting from prototypes and the design itself, ending with technical details and the final result – j:Mind.Systems will package your project in the nicest cover.

New software, IT and Web-products launch

j:Mind.Systems develop unique niche software, IT and Web-products, with full customization for customers.


One of the company directions – product development, that meets current clients business-goals, without need for thinking about a project from scratch. j:Mind.Systems is ready to work with an existing business and adapt it to its modern needs.

Consulting and strategy development

You can be sure that j:Mind.Systems specialists will help with system analysis, business-analytics, research, and interaction scenarios with the target audience. The company has knowledge and complex tools, which will help improve the strategic vision for each client.

Accomplished cases

Among realized j:Mind.Systems projects we can notes


Interactive user panel for Senet, created for computer clubs and cyber-arenas control. The panel includes all the necessary tools for providing services to clients and their retention. SHELL interactive panel used by more than 20 countries in the world.

Turnkey Mining Pool

Advanced app for operation with cryptocurrency. App backed with necessary support functions and detailed statistics.

Esports Title Solution (ETS)

Unique and flexible system for enriching the visual effects during broadcasts. Suitable for a wide range of content, from publications in the social networks, display ratings, statistics, and sponsors advertising. The system is easily integrable into any stream-platform.

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