Techiia Construction

Techiia Construction

TECHIIA Construction – it’s TECHIIA holding technological project, the main focus of which is the construction of the newest full cycles IT-infrastructures. The company constructs data-centers any difficulties and sizes, depending on customer needs.


Research and development

TECHIIA Construction engages in a detailed work analysis. It includes a search for a building site, obtaining permits, preparing works documentation, subtraction estimates, and going directly to the construction.

Construction and infrastructures maintaining

WP Merchandise has its own warehouses, conveniently located in Europe and the CIS. Elaborate logistic provides fast deliverance. Also, the company has established an affiliate marketing network for product sales.

Project management

The company covers the entire spectrum of questions about searching of general contractors and construction customers. TECHIIA Construction develops an individual interaction plan for each project.

Logistic cycle

The company covers the full logistic cycle from the purchase of necessary equipment, transportation, customs clearance and as a result, its installation.

If you are planning to create your own business, which requires saving of big data-masses, TECHIIA Construction will be your best assistant!