EcoTechnoPark by TECHIIA

EcoTechnoPark by TECHIIA

EcoTechnoPark by TECHIIA– one of the most ambitious TECHIIA holding projects. We’re creating the first ever, ecological innovative technopark in Ukraine, in an area of over 100 hectares in the Energodar, Zaporizhia region. Closed-loop manufacturing, from ecologically clean energy consumption, fast data processing, to energy utilization for agro-farm, where vegetables and fruits will be grown – it’s all making our technopark the unique synergy example of technology and nature.

Why does Ukraine and world, need EcoTechnoPark by TECHIIA?

EcoTechnoPark by TECHIIA– it’s an ecologically innovative technopark, first developed in Ukraine, but open to the entire world. EcoTechnoPark solves the global world problem with fast data processing. At the same time, it uses natural resources with care, which is also the main factor for large international companies choosing partners. EcoTechnoPark, it’s an example of effective interaction between authorities and business in high technology areas in Ukraine. We will create new workplaces, generate foreign-currency earnings, and pay taxes. We are doing everything possible such that EcoTechnoPark by TECHIIA can become the most attractive project for foreign investments. All of these factors will have a positive influence on the Ukrainian economy and confirm the reputation of our country, like a state that can create the most ambitious technological solutions.

What does EcoTechnoPark by TECHIIA offer?

Infrastructure for data-centers

In the park will be placed high-tech infrastructure for data processing complete with full-energy supply.

Leasing of power for visual effects processing and 3D-rendering

We understand how tech works, so the project infrastructure is able to satisfy the most demanding of customers, who need video processing: film and video studios, video game development studios, and more.


We will use the warmth generated by data-centers for agro-farm heating. This will not only distribute energy properly, but also create additional workplaces and grow ecologically clean vegetables and fruits year round.

What else is unique EcoTechnoPark by TECHIIA?

Unique space

For its creation, we combine modern knowledge, and experience, a love for people and nature. EcoTechnoPark buildings, with high-tech equipment, will be placed among the trees of a landscape park, and there will also be a lake with a seating area on the territory.

We will take care of the environment by creating a, "green office" for the staff.

Renewable energy

Our ecological technopark will be supplied power via renewable energy sources, like wind turbines and solar panels.

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