TECHIIA Construction

Uma empresa que desenvolve projetos e implementa instalações de infra-estrutura chave prontos para uso para fins tecnológicos, tais como centros de dados.

A company that develops projects and implements turnkey infrastructure facilities for technological purposes, such as data centers. Full cycle: development of a business concept, search for the optimal location, preparation, and obtaining of necessary documents, building taking into account the possible scale of the facility. We also set up logistics, select equipment, test, and put it into operation.

    TECHIIA Constraction projects

    One of our projects is Mining Express — the first large data center built in Ukraine. It took 4 months from the idea of our partner to implementation by the TECHIIA Construction team. We gained a high degree of trust as a contractor, and today Mining Express, as a closed cycle data center, is managed by TECHIIA Construction.

    TECHIIA Constraction advantages

    • Research and development (R&D)

    TECHIIA Construction carries out a detailed preliminary analysis of the project to offer the best location for construction, taking into account the procedure of obtaining permits, preparation of working documentation, calculation of estimates, and construction.

    • Infrastructure construction and support

    We will provide a full cycle of creation and support of infrastructure facilities: from building to launch.

    • Project management

    We will pass the turnkey project, taking responsibility for the selection of general contractors and construction purchasers. We practice developing an individual interaction plan for each project.

    • Logistics cycle

    We will provide a complete logistics cycle of infrastructure construction: from the purchase of equipment, its transportation, customs clearance, and to the establishment and adjustment of stable operation.


    • Research and development (R&D)
    • Full-cycle infrastructure construction
    • Logistics management
    • Data center construction
    • Project management and launch
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