Aestech products have received European quality certificates in Rosenheim

The patented glass facade systems by Aestech have undergone a series of tests by an independent laboratory in Rosenheim, which has been certifying construction products and technologies for over 50 years. This is an official confirmation of the exceptional quality of Aestech products for clients in Europe and worldwide.

Aestech facade systems have already obtained four ift Rosenheim protocols. In July 2023, the facade constructions received confirmation of compliance with standards for air permeability (EN12153), water permeability (EN12155), resistance to wind load (EN12179), and resistance to dynamic loading in heavy rain. In 2022, the insulated glass units with higher stiffness, which form the facade system's basis, confirmed compliance with durability standards (EN 1279).

The glass system achieved Class A4 in the air permeability test, and in the water permeability test, it achieved Class R7. This means that Aestech large-format glass units can withstand a 12 Beaufort-scale hurricane wind, which is the strongest wind possible on the planet, without any issues.

"High standards set by ift Rosenheim are recognized worldwide. I am confident that the interest in Aestech products will only grow as these certifications are acknowledged by architects, engineers, and developers in Europe and beyond its borders," said Leonid Lazebnikov, CEO of Aestech.

It's worth mentioning that towards the end of November, Aestech will participate for the second time in the largest event in the architecture and construction industry, the World Architecture Festival 2023. This year, the festival will take place in Singapore, and Aestech will present its own technology for frameless glazing based on insulated glass units with higher stiffness.

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