The NGO "Techiia Foundation" provided three Ukrainian hospitals with modern medical equipment.

The NGO "Techiia Foundation" provided three Ukrainian hospitals with modern medical equipment.

A multifunctional operating table, the burn treatment equipment, and emergency beds for babies are already helping to save patients’ lives in three hospitals in the cities of Bila Tserkva, Odesa, and Cherkasy. The equipment worth a total of UAH 1.18 million for medical institutions was purchased by the founders of the NGO "Techiia Foundation" Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov.

“We have expanded the geography of the charity project, that we started three years ago at the children's hospital in Kropyvnytskyi. First, Kyiv and Kharkiv were connected, and now Odesa, Cherkasy, and Bila Tserkva. The number of hospitals we help increases all the time, but our principle of assistance remains the same, that is to get long-term positive changes for as many people as possible," said Oleg Krot, the co-founder of the NGO "Techiia Foundation” and TECHIIA’s Managing Partner.

Operating table for surgical interventions

The Bila Tserkva City Hospital No 2 has a neurosurgical department, which provides emergency care and works with patients with traumatic brain injuries, in particular, after an accident.

For more than two decades all the operations were performed on one operating table, which was technologically obsolete, and its condition is far from perfect. So it is not surprising that by the end of 2020 its resource was exhausted.

The hospital needed a new functional operating table with a 5-section bed, an electro-hydraulic drive, and a set of necessary accessories for quick positioning and fixation of the patient on the table in no time. High requirements for the table are dictated by the specifics of emergency operations.

The supplier company installed a new operating table in a short time and with deferred payment. Doctors began to seek the necessary funding, and the NGO “Techïia Foundation” responded to the request and covered its cost in the amount of UAH 740,000.

Now operations are carried out on a modern table ETUIDA, manufactured by the Polish company ALVO. It has already carried out more than 120 planned and urgent operations. By the way, the table can be completed with a set of accessories that will allow simultaneous operations, like several different types of surgery under one anesthesia.

Burn Treatment Equipment

In September 2019, a 13-year-old girl from the Cherkasy region was electrocuted while trying to take a selfie on the roof of a tanker on the railway. She was rescued by three ambulance crews at once, and once she was in a stable condition, the patient was taken to the First Cherkasy City Hospital burn unit. The burns affected more than 70% of the skin, the girl underwent 8 surgeries.

The doctors did their best, but modern equipment would speed up the healing process. In particular, the department lacked a vacuum therapy device that would suck lymph from wounds and accelerate the healing process of the skin.

Finally, the XLR8 vacuum wound therapy device manufactured by Genadyne Biotechnologies, Inc (USA) worth UAH 235,000 started operating in the hospital. It was purchased and transferred to the burn unit by the NGO “Techiia Foundation”. This device has one particularly important feature, it has a special splitter that allows you to work with two affected areas simultaneously.

Emergency beds for babies with COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has made its impact on the operating principles of some medical facilities. For example, the Odesa Regional Children’s Hospital received an upgrade, now it provides medical care to infants whose mothers are sick with COVID-19. They are transported from perinatal centers to the hospital for further treatment.

Therefore, the children's hospital in Odessa needed special emergency beds for newborns. And nine MiMi beds, manufactured by the Czech company Linet, worth UAH 210,000 were purchased by the NGO “Techiia Foundation” for the hospital. These beds are made of special ABS plastic, which is resistant to any type of treatment, disinfection, and sterilization, which is extremely important to ensure the proper level of safety of newborns during the pandemic. Extra beds have also been purchased by local philanthropists, and the hospital is now ready to see the youngest patients.

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