The projects of the TECHIIA holding entered the list of the best social initiatives of 2022
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The ENESTECH Software company, part of the TECHIIA holding, has localized SENET — a platform for automating gaming lounges and esports arenas – into Polish.
Chief Operating Officer of the TECHIIA holding Oleh Humeniuk will become a guest speaker in the "Headquarters" - a Delo.ua project designed to help Ukrainian businesses adapt to the realities of war, using the experience of leading entrepreneurs and managers.
Interview with Elchin Aliyev, Chief Executive Officer at ENESTECH Software, for Authority Magazine.
Investments and infrastructure for their effective use – that is what Ukraine needs for a quick recovery. TECHIIA’s Managing Partner Oleg Krot shares with Liga.Bussines the most important transformations that Ukraine needs today.
Cases by Roman Rodin, TECHIIA's Chief Legal Officer.
Two modern electrosurgical devices and six inspection lamps from the NGO Techiia Foundation are already delivered to the surgical departments of the Cherkasy Regional Hospital. The cost of such an upgrade is almost UAH 1.1 million.
An expert in the areas of financial control, audit, and analytical reporting, Chief Financial Officer of the TECHIIA holding Eugene Nikolaichuk joined the international community of financiers and strategists - CFO Club Ukraine.
TECHIIA holding partnered in the all-Ukrainian student competition of essays and analytical articles "Country Reconstruction: Challenges, Opportunities, and Tasks". From July 1 to 10, participants were submitting essays, and now the jury evaluation is underway.
The project of the Unit.City innovation park in Kyiv was shortlisted for the World Architecture Festiva, the world’s largest architectural festival. The focal point of the project is its frameless facade glazing, which was developed by Aestech.
Read the interview from the chief design officer of the TECHIIA holding Ivan Rohovchenko who shares the experience of design team management during the war crisis.
A Aestech é um novo ativo dentro da Techiia Holding. A empresa fabrica unidades de vidros duplos com maior rigidez, que são o núcleo da tecnologia de envidraçamento de fachada sem moldura. A empresa foi criada a partir da aquisição do "PIK Group", companhia fabricante e instaladora de grandes unidades de vidros duplos por mais de uma década.