TECHIIA Holding se une al Pacto Mundial de la ONU
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By Kostyantyn Kolesnichenko, Desktop Lead at ENESTECH Software company.
From now on, children's hospitals in Rivne, Sumy, and Kharkiv will be able to perform complex surgical operations that were previously inaccessible to patients. In total, the NGO Techiia Foundation spent UAH 2 million on new equipment for these medical institutions.
TECHIIA holding was included in the list of the "Best Employer Brand" ranking finalists according to the "TOP100. Ratings of the largest ".
Fragstore network has already launched the sales of a limited line of branded products for World of Tanks fans.
The Scorpion plush figure from the licensed Mortal Kombat 11 collection by WP Merchandise won the bronze trophy at the 14th International Independent Toy Awards, which annually takes place in the UK.
5 Ways to Support Yourself as a Leader.
Apple has allowed users to turn off data collection about themselves. How will this affect the marketing industry and what we are shown in ads?
TECHIIA’s Managing Partner Yura Lazebnikov has joined the global business community by Forbes.
In July 2021, JMind, one of the TECHIIA holding companies, launched its own video streaming platform for the B2B segment — Infinite.
The hype surrounding NFTs has led many to suggest this new technology is nothing more than a bubble. Their practicality suggests otherwise.