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Oleg Krot, Yura Lazebnikov: “After 2014, we are building a business that does not depend on one region”
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Focus on the benefits to the business, surround yourself with a support group and do not forget to take care of your health
All that other outsourcing companies failed to accomplish in 4 years, the {j: Mind.Systems} team achieved in less than a year. How do {j: Mind.Systems} solve complex problems?
Every government finds effective tools to help citizens and businesses, based on financial opportunities and the level of crisis in the country.
TECHIIA's social projects are once again highly praised by the independent media.
Why automate HR processes and introduce new technologies?
Yevhen Kovalevsky, Chief Product Officer at TECHIIA holding, talks about creating IT products during the quarantine.
During this year, TECHIA Holding has implemented dozens of CSR projects aimed at both employees and external stakeholders.
In addition to the speed of business transformation in situations, like quarantine across the globe, constant monitoring is essential.
Design is not about logos, sketches, and layout. Design is about emotions that the user experiences.
The pandemic has become a great challenge for socially responsible businesses around the globe.
Yesterday was the last day of WePlay! Pushka League qualifies and the main stage of the competition begins on April 26.
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