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Oleg Krot, Yura Lazebnikov: “After 2014, we are building a business that does not depend on one region”
Oλα τα νέα
WeSave Charity Play, a charitable esports marathon to raise funds for the COVID-19 vaccine, will compete for the prestigious PR International Prize alongside four other projects.
The BUSINESS magazine published a rating of CEOs and companies that have successfully adapted their business to quarantine conditions.
WePlay! Clutch Island a Regional Major Ranking tournament on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, starts tomorrow.
The annual volume of foreign exchange earnings from world trade in licenses grew from $ 350 million in 1950 to almost $ 180 billion in 2009 and to $ 280.3 billion in 2018.
Yura Lazebnikov, the Managing Partner at TECHIIA holding, told "Buduj Svoje" about diversification, development of new directions, the export of goods, and services to other countries.
​The quarantine, that forced the work to stop or fundamentally changed its conditions, was a surprise for almost everyone.
Focus on the benefits to the business, surround yourself with a support group and do not forget to take care of your health
All that other outsourcing companies failed to accomplish in 4 years, the {j: Mind.Systems} team achieved in less than a year. How do {j: Mind.Systems} solve complex problems?
Every government finds effective tools to help citizens and businesses, based on financial opportunities and the level of crisis in the country.
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