The world boxing champions Oleksandr Usyk, Vasyl Lomachenko together with WePlay Esports created the esports fighting league WUFL
Oλα τα νέα
The first tournament with a prize pool of UAH 11,640 was attended by teams from 16 Kyiv universities. The NAU Stewards team from the National Aviation University won that tournament.
My name is Iryna Isay and I am a tech writer at WePlay Esports media holding which is part of the TECHIIA holding. In this article I will share my experience how to draw up and structure the documentation.
Marianna Konina, Chief Public Engagement Officer at TECHIIA holding, shared her vision on brand communication tendencies, how to make them effective, and who is the most successful in this area in Ukraine.
Yura Lazebnikov and Oleh Humeniuk entered the 100 Tech Drivers rating by bit.ua. The rating brought together businessmen and professionals who push Ukraine's digital and technology industries forward.
TECHIIA’s corporate and social responsibility projects are included in the “Sustainable Development Leaders" ratings by the TOP-100. Ratings of the Largest.
Eugene Nikolaychuk, TECHIIA’s Chief Financial Officer shares the most important points of the financial model, the search for investment in other jurisdictions, and offshore shortcomings.
Marta Tsisaruk, the Product Designer at Enestech Software tells about the point of the redesign, the stages of creating a new version of the interface for the Senet service, and how to deal with haters.
Oleg Krot, an investor, TECHIIA ‘s Managing Partner tells about the impact of emotions on financial markets, the Fear & Greed Index, and Nathan Rothschild, who made £ 72 billion in three days.
Yuri Antoshkin, the company's Managing Partner, talks about the responsibility of the manufacturer and why licensed products cannot be cheap.
Denis Nesin, Chief Information Officer of TECHIIA holding, told about how businesses can protect themselves from cyber threats.
WP Merchandise has released a new plush collection based on the SoulCalibur VI game.
Ο Eugene Nikolaichuk, ο Οικονομικός Διευθυντής της εταιρείας τεχνολογίας TECHIIA, σε συνέντευξη που έδωσε στο περιοδικό TOP-100, ανέλυσε το γιατί είναι σημαντικό να φροντίζουμε για τους συνεργάτες μας και να "τρέχουμε" δύο φορές πιο γρήγορα.