From drones to gear — The NGO Techiia Foundation provides humanitarian aid worth UAH 231 million (almost $7.9 million)
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Ukrainian company Culver Aviation produces self-designed drones. However, it does not sell UAVs but provides a DaaS (Drone-as-a-Service). The company provides them based on images of the earth's surface taken by their self-designed UAVs. Since the beginning of the war, Culver Aviation has handed over several pieces to the Armed Forces. The AIN.UA editorial office asked the company's CEO Oleksandr Davydenko about his work during the war.
Culver Aviation launched Damage Monitoring to help assess the damage and properly allocate resources required for reconstruction after the war.
Defenders of Ukraine will soon receive new quadcopters, radio communications, and military first aid kits from the Techiia Foundation. The organization spent almost $2 million (UAH 58.2 million) on this purchase.
The holding team joined the Prjctr Mentorship Platform to share their experience with those who seek it and to help Ukraine.
The NGO Techiia Foundation has purchased another batch of tactical clothing worth $3.57 million. The uniforms needed by the defenders are already arriving in various parts of Ukraine.
The manufacturer of highly detailed plush merch based on video games, comic books and movies WP Merchandise handed over plush toys of its own production to the displaced children.
Class 4 bulletproof vests, helmets, and armor plates worth $1.3 million (UAH 39 million) are already being handed over to the defenders of Ukraine.
Olga Bulygina-Lazebnikova, Charity Networking Officer of the NGO Techiia Foundation, gave an interview to the Authority Magazine. She spoke about humanitarian aid to war victims, Elon Musk's mother, the hospital in Kropyvnytskyi, and meeting with Leonardo Da Vinci.
IT Ukraine Association, Kharkiv IT Cluster, and the NGO Techiia Foundation are launching a joint fundraiser to purchase two ambulances for Kharkiv. Our financial goal is $20 thousand.
On May 10, the 5th session of the global conversation "Talk to Ukraine" by the IT Ukraine Association will take place. During the webinar, CEOs of IT companies and the Ministry of Digital Transformation will discuss the potential of public-private partnerships to bring Ukraine closer to victory. Marianna Konina, Chief Public Engagement Officer of TECHIIA Holding will be performing the role of a moderator of this event.
The war changed Oleksandr's business dramatically. On how an entrepreneur copes with new challenges, why he moved his business to the western part of Ukraine and why he began to provide educational services read further in this article.
Forbes has made research on how much money the richest Ukrainians donated to help the defenders of Ukraine and the victims of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. This list was compiled to motivate businesses to help the country.