TECHIIA holding is in the top 50 biggest IT companies in Ukraine by the number of specialists according to the DOU portal.

TECHIIA holding is in the top 50 biggest IT companies in Ukraine by the number of specialists according to the DOU portal.

TECHIIA was included in the rating of IT companies from the most trustworthy industry media threshold in Ukraine. The holding took 27th place with 890 specialists who work for companies of the holding in Ukraine.

The rating was formed as of January 2021, and it is the first time when TECHIIA holding is included. According to DOU, Ukrainian IT companies have fully recovered from the crisis and are showing record growth rates. In general, in the second half of 2020, the number of specialists in the top 50 IT companies in Ukraine increased by more than 11%.

"TECHIIA holding, founded by Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov, has united more than 10 businesses back in 2019. One of the tasks of the holding is to make business management more efficient, and this process goes on. Some existing businesses are being reformatted and new ones are being added, this is a permanent process. Therefore, during this year, the indicators announced by DOU will be changing. The process of evolving companies and improving their products remains the same,” adds Marianna Konina, the Chief Public Engagement Officer of TECHIIA holding.

After the first lockdown in 2020, all companies of the holding shifted to a mixed type of work. Offices still operate, people can hold an important meeting or strategic session whenever they need, but most employees are encouraged to work remotely.

"We plan to continue this format of the work until the situation in the country comes back to normal because the safety and health of our colleagues is one of the main priorities of TECHIIA," says Tatiana Voloshina.

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