How do I grow my career? 5 questions from a career counselor for introspection

How do I grow my career? 5 questions from a career counselor for introspection

What to do if your career is at a standstill and the job is no longer exciting.

Tatiana Voloshyna, HRBP at Techiia holding, career consultant

Tatiana Voloshyna, HRBP at Techiia holding, career consultant

Any career change must take place in several steps:

  • Analysis
  • Labor market assessment
  • Choosing the right way
  • Goal achievement strategy
  • Actions

The analysis will help you understand the do’s and don’ts of your career development. Here are 5 key questions to ask yourself and answer straight that will help you make a deep analysis.

1. Am I running away from something or I'm trying to get to something?

When you are planning your development, you must first determine whether you want to change your job or grow in the current one? An honest answer will help you understand whether you need to change your job. Or you really want to stay, but need to change the functionality/field/company/industry.

2. What are my talents and strengths?

Think of a difficult task/project. What was the goal? What were your actions? What difficulties did you face? What was the result? I recommend writing down your answers and describing in as much detail as possible what steps you took.

Then look closely at the result. Imagine that this is someone else’s person's story. What qualities and talents does this person have?

Now project yourself. How could you apply these qualities in your current work? What benefits could they bring to the employer?

3. What does “a job well done” mean to me?

What should the company have in order for you to work there as hard and as long as possible? The answer to this question will show what is in your focus now, and how realistic your expectations are. In my practice there was a case when answering this question, a person decided to grow in his current job. Because both the conditions and the company really satisfied him. So we had to look for growth opportunities inside.

4. For what was I admired, encouraged, rewarded?

What questions do co-workers usually come to you with? This may show strengths that you may not have noticed yourself, but they are valuable to others. In what activity/job could you reveal them to the fullest?

5. What do I NOT want to do?

What activities do you dislike? An honest answer to this question will show which functionality you are not interested in or you have already outgrown it. Sometimes it is enough to walk away from it to feel comfortable.

This is one of the tough questions. When answering such, it is important to answer in detail and thoughtfully, do not dwell on the first option that comes to mind. Ask yourself, “What other options are there?” And you will see how your answers will go deeper and give you more clues about yourself.

To get the most out of it, try to imagine that you are going on an exciting quest hunting for treasures.

You need to solve a series of puzzles to find those treasures.

The process of introspection can be exciting, and the knowledge gained about yourself — unexpected and useful.

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