Sergiy Purish becomes the new CEO of ENESTECH Software

Sergiy Purish becomes the new CEO of ENESTECH Software

The co-founder of ENESTECH Software, Sergiy Purish, took the company's CEO position replacing Elchin Aliyev, who decided to pursue his own business ventures.

Sergiy Purish will continue to expand the company’s presence in the Asian, North, and South American markets. Over the past year, ENESTECH Software's cloud-based solution for managing esports arenas and computer clubs, Senet, has gained significant clients in Vietnam and Cambodia and continues to expand in other countries in the Asian region.

Furthermore, higher education institutions in the United States increasingly choose Senet to manage their computer parks. Currently, Senet is connected to computer clubs, esports arenas, universities, and lounge areas in 82 countries.

Yuriy Lazebnikov, managing partner of the TECHIIA holding:

"Sergiy has extensive management experience, an engineering education, a master's degree in business administration, and a great love for the esports industry. This mix will help him make Senet — one of the world's best solutions for managing computer and gaming console networks — even more convenient and functional for customers and users."

Sergiy Purish, CEO and Co-Founder of ENESTECH Software:

"We have an ambitious goal — to become the #1 solution in our industry, and we confidently move towards it. It means even more opportunities for effective venue management, a more convenient user experience, and a higher quality support service for our clients."

We should remind you that Senet was recently included in the list of finalists of the Bold Awards, an international award for projects in the digital industry, in the Boldest eGaming/eSports category. You can find more information about Senet's capabilities, apply for trial testing, and get comprehensive consultation on the product's benefits on the website.

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