Ο όμιλος TECHIIA και η Aestech στηρίζουν τις "Αρχές για την ανάκαμψη της Ουκρανίας"
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Now, SENET by ENESTECH offers its services in 82 countries worldwide and continues to drive the esports industry forward.
This simplifies the work of administrators and allows them to be more efficient.
ENESTECH Software company has completed another localization of SENET, a platform for computer clubs and esports arenas automation. Turkish has become the eleventh language version of the product.
Interview with Volodymyr Onoprienko, Head of Revenue at Senet in Enestech Software.
The co-founder of ENESTECH Software, Sergiy Purish, took the company's CEO position replacing Elchin Aliyev, who decided to pursue his own business ventures.
SENET, the flagship product of ENESTECH, is confidently conquering one country after another.
The cloud-based platform for managing eSports clubs, SENET, developed by ENESTECH, was recognized in the Boldest eGaming/eSports category.
Σημαντικές τοποθεσίες του μεγαλύτερου δικτύου cyber clubs στο Βιετνάμ – της CyberCore – επέλεξαν την SENET από την ENESTECH ως την πλατφόρμα λογισμικού για την διαχείριση των κλαμπ. Αυτό είναι το ξεκίνημα μιας πολύ σημαντικής συνεργασίας, καθώς η CyberCore διαθέτει πάνω από 700 κλαμπ στην χώρα.
Through the SENET platform from ENESTECH Software, visitors of the Brazil Game Show played their favorite games to test the new Acer Predator hardware.
The ENESTECH Software company, part of the TECHIIA holding, has Czech and Mongolian localizations for SENET, its platform for management automation for gaming centers and esports arenas.
From now on, you can manage dozens of gaming consoles simultaneously via the cloud. The ENESTECH Software company, part of the TECHIIA holding, has developed an application for smart TVs running on the Android operating system.
The ENESTECH Software company, part of the TECHIIA holding, has localized SENET — a platform for automating gaming lounges and esports arenas – into Polish.