TECHIIA Holding supports the freedom of Ukraine: Already UAH 100 million allocated and even more to come

TECHIIA Holding supports the freedom of Ukraine: Already UAH 100 million allocated and even more to come

Through NGO Techiia Foundation we help to protect the freedom of our country.

Co-founders of the holding Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov have already allocated more than 100 million UAH of their own funds and are increasing the aid fund. They stated this in their open address.

The foundation provides full-cycle assistance:

  • we allocate funds for the purchase of ammunition, protection, clothing, footwear, and tactical first aid kits;
  • we search for suppliers;
  • we set up logistics and support throughout Ukraine.

The fund keeps growing, and anyone who feels to help Ukraine financially can transfer funds to the Techiia Foundation by the link. The amount of one transfer is limited to UAH 149,999 (EUR 4,500), but the number of transactions is limitless. Reports on the use of these funds and assistance will be published regularly on the Foundation's website.

"We are Ukrainians. Our Ukrainian blood is boiling, and it motivates us to act. We are free people and we will defend our freedom. We strive to live in peace on our land — and so it be. Glory to Ukraine!" — says Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov.

The NGO Techiia Foundation has been working on healthcare projects for several years: solving the problem of pediatric oncology, purchasing equipment and medicines for children's hospitals, rehabilitating children after difficult treatment or with difficult diagnoses. The co-founders of TECHIIA promise: even in the face of war, the Foundation will continue to work and scale all its projects.

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