ІТ holding

Our goal

TECHIIA's innovation - the synergy of technology and new media. We contribute to global progress and constant development.

Our values

Our company has values. They allow us to stay ambitious and make new perfect decisions. This approach helps our clients and partners succeed in anything they need from digital transformation

Continuous evolution

We change together with our world. We accept new challenges and track technological trends to offer the best solutions. Because of the constant evolution we can stay trending

Ideological embodiment

Different areas of expertise, enthusiasm, and courage always help us choose the best idea among millions of others

Constructive dialogue

Enthusiasm and ability to understand needs of our partners and clients distinguish us from other companies. We can change flexibly and are always ready to find the best solutions

We are proud of our projects in the following areas


Thanks to our awareness of the latest technologies and global trends, we can always offer the best solutions even in the hardest tasks


We have created a new format of media in the field of eSport. It is called “eSportainment”, and we are proud of it


Large technology stack combined with experience and enthusiasm allows our team to develop the best solutions for digital transformation of business for clients and partners

Techiia team

TECHIIA IT-holding have united more than 1000 high-class specialists. We are enthusiasts, who work with passion for new innovative solutions, which can make people’s lives better and coexist in harmony with the environment.

Yuriy Lazebnikov

Yuriy Lazebnikov

Managing Partner

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Oleg Krot

Oleg Krot

Managing Partner

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