TECHIIA is a tech holding company that brings the best Ukrainian technological solutions to the global market and develops sustainable businesses.

The holding unites over 10 technology companies in industries such as unmanned aviation, IT, esports, construction technology, SaaS, and explores investment opportunities in other sectors.
about us

The company was founded by serial entrepreneurs Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov. The oldest asset of the holding has been operating in the market since 2012, and the products and services of the holding's businesses are used in more than 80 countries.

Business is just part of what we do. TECHIIA is a lifestyle.

TECHIIA holding unites 10 projects and more than 1000 experts.
what we do
We stretch our horizons and expand our business. And this is an interdependent process. The more we learn about the world and its transformation, the more opportunities to expand entrepreneurship we find. We dare to look beyond!

TECHIIA is a Ukrainian word meaning "water stream" and symbolizes constant motion forward, flexibility and strength. For us, TECHIIA is a trendsetting source in the technological world.

The name also holds the paradigm of sustainable growth — we bring progress to the service of humanity and take care of nature and the environment.

corporate identity

The basic elements of our identity are waves that diverge from the source. The main colors are black and white. The first one absorbs light and symbolizes curiosity and the strive for knowledge, the second one contains a full range of all colors and demonstrates all aspects of the world united. They represent the harmony of nature and technology when brought together.

TECHIIA’s design is a relentless transformation. We are constantly experimenting with colors and shapes. The very search for the best style formula reflects our idea - the motion forward, the paving of new routes, and generation solutions that turn the world upside down.


Our team is formed based on common values. We adhere to the high standards of ethical conduct stated in the Code of Ethics. We trust each other the way we want our partners to trust us. Everyone has the freedom to explore, experiment, and apply the best. Everyone is supported in his/her courage to go beyond the expected.

Oleg Krot
The Managing Partner of TECHIIA holding
Yura Lazebnikov
The Managing Partner of TECHIIA holding

2012 — the foundation of WePlay Esports, the esports tournament organizer

2012 — the year, when the first plush toy was created. It was a computer game character that marked the starting point of the WP Merchandise! company in 2016

2016 — the launch of WP Merchandise!, a licensed highly detailed plush merch manufacturer

2017 — the year of Enestech IT company foundation, the developer of SENET — SaaS solution for managing LAN gaming centers and esports arenas

2018 — the creation of j: Mind.Systems, the IT service company

2019 — the formation of TECHIIA holding

2021 — Culver Aviation technology company became part of TECHIIA holding

2021 — The Fleetsy project became part of our holding

2021 — The car-sharing service TECHIIA Motorsports has become part of our holding

2022 — TECHIIA holding invests in Aestech – the company that performs frameless facade glazing

Visionary Approach

We think globally and ahead to create the products of tomorrow.


We adhere to ecological communication with clients, partners, employees and treat everyone equally.


We believe in what we do and we enjoy the process of doing it.

Flexibility and openness to new things

We are moving towards our goal and are always ready to embrace ambitious challenges.


We cancel the growth limits


We respect the cultural and national traits of our clients, partners, and employees.


We increase the level of professionalism inside and outside.

code of ethics

TECHIIA conducts its business in various countries worldwide. We rely on our values and comply with the regulatory requirements of the jurisdictions where our companies are registered and operate.

Since the establishment of the holding in 2019, a special compliance unit headed by the Chief Governance Officer has been closely monitoring that our activities meet international standards.

Our employees get special training on ethical behavior. We have implemented the prevention and corruption and violation control mechanisms. We prevent potential conflicts of interest, provide opportunities for employees and partners to report violations, and protect applicants from harassment.

We are also guided by a set of requirements for legality, transparency, and standards of doing business for all our partners and contractors.

Our Code of Ethics was created according to the best international practices and standards of corruption risk management.

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