TECHIIA Holding brings together more than 1000 high-quality specialists from different fields and areas under one roof
Oleg Krot
The Managing Partner of TECHIIA holding
Yura Lazebnikov
The Managing Partner of TECHIIA holding
our team
Oleh Humeniuk
Chief Executive Officer WePlay Esports, Chief Operating Officer Techiia Holding
Liudmyla Tkach-Klyuchnik
Chief Governance Officer
Roman Rodin
Chief Legal Officer
Ivan Rohovchenko
Chief Design Officer
Marianna Konina
Chief Public Engagement Officer
Yulia Sinitsyna
Chief HR Officer
Eugene Nikolaichuk
Chief Financial Officer
Oleksandr Davydenko
Chief Innovations Officer
Elena Shostak
Chief Executive Officer at JMIND
Elchin Aliyev
Chief Executive Officer at ENESTECH Software
Oleksandr Danylenko
СЕО Culver Aviation
Leonid Lazebnikov
Ivan Agapchev
CEO and Co-founder of TECHIIA Motorsports & Fleetsy, Inc.
Andrei Komarovsky
Chief Growth Officer / CEO at Mannequin