TECHIIA Holding businesses

TECHIIA holding unites 10+ technological businesses
WePlay Holding
WePlay Holding is a corporate media group with headquarters in Los Angeles (USA) and Kyiv (Ukraine). It brings together innovative businesses in the entertainment, esports, gaming, and technology industries.
The product IT company which develops SENET, a hardware-software complex for computer clubs and esports arenas management.
A combination of software development outsourcing, advisory services, and own digital products.
WP Merchandise!
The production of premium plush souvenirs based on video game or comic book characters, as well as props for various esports events.
Culver Aviation
A technological company providing aerial photography and monitoring services of the Earth's surface using self-developed UAVs.
NGO Ā«Techiia FoundationĀ»
It is a non-governmental organization through which TECHIIA holding implements its humanitarian, social and charitable initiatives in Ukraine.
TECHIIA Motorsports
TECHIIA Motorsports is a car-sharing service where anyone can find exactly the car for their needs.
Bringing technology and aesthetics together.
Mannequin Technologies
Mannequin is an AI startup working on various technologies for different industries.