TECHIIA ホールディングと Aestech がウクライナ復興への原則を支持
Chief Operating Officer of the TECHIIA holding Oleh Humeniuk will become a guest speaker in the "Headquarters" - a Delo.ua project designed to help Ukrainian businesses adapt to the realities of war, using the experience of leading entrepreneurs and managers.
Investments and infrastructure for their effective use – that is what Ukraine needs for a quick recovery. TECHIIA’s Managing Partner Oleg Krot shares with Liga.Bussines the most important transformations that Ukraine needs today.
Cases by Roman Rodin, TECHIIA's Chief Legal Officer.
An expert in the areas of financial control, audit, and analytical reporting, Chief Financial Officer of the TECHIIA holding Yevhen Nikolaichuk joined the international community of financiers and strategists - CFO Club Ukraine.
On May 10, the 5th session of the global conversation "Talk to Ukraine" by the IT Ukraine Association will take place. During the webinar, CEOs of IT companies and the Ministry of Digital Transformation will discuss the potential of public-private partnerships to bring Ukraine closer to victory. Marianna Konina, Chief Public Engagement Officer of TECHIIA Holding will be performing the role of a moderator of this event.
モデル、作家、栄養士、講演者のマイエ ムスクは、ウクライナへの支持を示しました。 Techiia Foundationとのインタビューの中で、もう直ぐウクライナがより一層に成功を成し遂げると期待していると述べました。
インディペンデンス デイ、デイ アフター トゥモロー、2012の監督であるローランド エメリッヒは、NGO Techiia Foundationが支援する#StandwithUkraineグローバルイニシアチブに参加しました。彼は国が戦争から復興するのを助けるためにウクライナで映画やテレビシリーズを制作することを約束しました。
5 tips for training future CEOs.
ウクライナの雑誌「TOP-100 最大の評価」に記載されています。最終的なリストには、専門家の審査員から最も多くのポイントを獲得した人が含まれています。
From now on, children's hospitals in Rivne, Sumy, and Kharkiv will be able to perform complex surgical operations that were previously inaccessible to patients. In total, the NGO Techiia Foundation spent UAH 2 million on new equipment for these medical institutions.
TECHIIA holding was included in the list of the "Best Employer Brand" ranking finalists according to the "TOP-100. Ratings of the largest ".