TECHIIA ホールディングと Aestech がウクライナ復興への原則を支持
The names of the bureaus and studios that have made it to the festival's special award shortlist.
For the second year in a row, Aestech is initiating and supporting the Futureglass Prize award as part of the world's most significant architecture and development event, the World Architecture Festival 2023.
This is an official confirmation of the exceptional quality of Aestech products for clients in Europe and worldwide.
The company will recognize the best projects using glass and innovative methods of its application.
建築家、開発者、デザイナーは、ポルトガルの首都リスボンにある Aestech の新しいオフィスで、高強度ガラスユニットと軽量の壁パネルについてより学び、プロジェクトに最適なソリューションを選択できるようになりました。
Recently, the Aestech company held its first presentation in Porto, introducing Portuguese architects and designers to its frameless glazing and lightweight wall panel technologies.
From May 4th to May 7th, one of the largest construction industry exhibitions, TEKTÓNICA 2023, took place in Lisbon. Aestech, a company within the TECHIIA holding, introduced exhibition participants to innovative technologies in frameless glass façade systems.
Architects and developers are seeking a way to get rid of visible supports in glass structures to improve the aesthetics of the building without compromising its functionality. The technology developed by the Aestech team not only solves this problem, but can also improve the environmental situation.
Aestech は、建築とデザインにおいて世界最大のイベントで、より剛性の高い断熱ガラス ユニットの技術を発表しました。
WAF は、Aestech がサポートする The Futureglass 賞のファイナリストを発表しました。これらは、すでに建設された建物とこれから建てられる建物の 9 つの建築プロジェクトであり、外装のガラスの新しい使い方とガラス技術を最もよく表すものです。
The Ukrainian company Aestech, part of the TECHIIA holding, will demonstrate its own patented technologies — insulated glass units with higher stiffness for modern architectural solutions.
The project of the Unit.City innovation park in Kyiv was shortlisted for the World Architecture Festiva, the world’s largest architectural festival. The focal point of the project is its frameless facade glazing, which was developed by Aestech.