TECHIIA ホールディングと Aestech がウクライナ復興への原則を支持
WP Merchandise, a company within the TECHIIA holding, has launched a unique line of T-shirts and accessories inspired by the works of Georgian artist Avtandil Gurgenidze.
Oleg Krot, Managing Partner of TECHIIA Holding, will be one of 4 speakers at the IT Arena 2023 panel discussion on venture capital investment in Ukraine, initiated by the Techosystem NGO.
5 steps from an entrepreneur.
Soon, three new characters will be available for sale – Dog Patron, his friend Cat Tom, and the villain Bubukh.
In his column for Forbes, Yura Lazebnikov, managing partner of the international holding TECHIIA, talks about the impact of the latest technologies on the construction industry, and why it is worth investing in their development.
The Ukrainian media outlet "Dilova Stolytsia" has selected the top 10 CEOs of Ukrainian and international companies who have demonstrated their management skills during the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine. Included in the list is the CEO of TECHIIA Holding, Yevhen Nikolaichuk.
2021 年以来、Techisland は、キプロスのテクノロジー産業の発展を推進し、CSR プロジェクトを実施している260 社とメンバー企業の 20,000 人以上の従業員のための共有プラットフォームとして機能してきました。 2023 年 5 月に TECHIIA ホールディングがその協会に加盟しました。
From May 4th to May 7th, one of the largest construction industry exhibitions, TEKTÓNICA 2023, took place in Lisbon. Aestech, a company within the TECHIIA holding, introduced exhibition participants to innovative technologies in frameless glass façade systems.
Risks and Pitfalls: why artificial intelligence is not a universal good?
e スポーツ業界で世界で最も有名な企業の 1 つである、TECHIIA ホールディングの一部である WePlay Eスポーツは、ブランドをリフレッシュさせると発表しました。 同社はエンターテインメント業界への戦略的拡大を始めます。ブランド変更の最初の段階は、WePlay スタジオ への名称変更です。
Yura Lazebnikov, Managing Partner of the international holding TECHIIA.
The goal is to contribute to the development of the startup ecosystem and innovation infrastructure, as well as to establish Ukraine as one of the digital leaders in Europe.