TECHIIA ホールディングと Aestech がウクライナ復興への原則を支持
If you use an iOS or Android smartphone, you are already a cloud user. Clouds are also increasingly being used by businesses.
The new government of Ukraine actively declares the need to build a digital state. Such a need is long overdue, but the model of development and maintenance of the digital system may be different.
The "second big speed-up" has reached the Ukrainian business together with the appearance of high-speed mobile Internet.
The fourth industrial revolution that is taking place nowadays is radically changing the mindset of business people and people’s lives.
Remember the nasty sound of old dial-up modems? We barely remember it too.
The growth of esports as an industry is impressive: in 2016, according to the Esports Market Report, its revenue amounted to 493 million dollars, while in 2018, it was already 906 million, which is 84% more, and forecasts promise growth to 1.65 billion by 2021.