Techiia Foundation purchases Smart HD Binoculars and other optical equipment for UAH 131.5 Million ($4.5 Million)

Techia Foundation purchases Smart HD Binoculars and other optical equipment for UAH 131.5 Million ($4.5 Million)

Binox 4T Smart HD Thermal Binoculars, optical devices, and accessories worth UAH 131.5 million ($4.5 million) were ordered by the NGO Techiia Foundation from the American company ATN. For almost a month now, ATN has been working on the production of this order and now innovative optics are already in the hot spots of Ukraine.

Binox 4T smart HD binoculars from ATN are equipped with advanced technology solutions. The 4th gen ultra sensitive thermal imaging sensor with dual-core processor refine images, and allows you to stream video and record it to external devices via Wi-Fi simultaniously.

The built-in laser rangefinder shows the exact distance to the object, and BIX technology allows you to exchange information between different ATN devices and transmit the coordinates of objects to other members of the unit, or directly to command via a secure mobile app.

The NGO Techiia Foundation has also purchased a number of other optical devices and accessories for them. Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Foundation has purchased humanitarian aid for the defenders of Ukraine and internally displaced worth about $20 million (UAH 600 million).

Oleg Krot, the Managing Partner of TECHIIA Holding and the Co-Founder of the NGO Techiia Foundation:

"ATN optical devices are one of the best solutions on the global market. ATN founder Mark Wayne is a native of Kyiv, and he and his company strongly support our struggle for freedom. In 2014, ATN was the first Western company to supply Ukraine with thousands of thermal imagers and night vision devices. And now ATN immediately responded to the request of the "Current" Foundation and produced a large batch of innovative optics for the defenders of Ukraine, which is already in the hot spots of Ukraine."

Marc Vayn, Chairman and CMO of American Technologies Network Corp:

"I am an American citizen first, but of Ukrainian blood and spirit. It is imperative that as a united front, the democratic peoples of the world push back against this despot, Putin, and all he represents. From the first days of the war, we mobilized to help Ukraine — donate to humanitarian aid, collect direct donations on our website, and now we have done what we do best — made a large batch of innovative optics for the NGO Techiia Foundation. I truly believe it will help the defenders of Ukraine."

About ATN:

American Technologies Network is an industry leader that specializes in developing and manufacturing the latest generation of Smart Optics for Consumers, Law Enforcement and Military. The company was founded in 1995 by Kyiv-born Marc Vayn. ATN has become known for reliable and high-quality products and constant innovation, each time setting new industry standards. Optical devices are user-friendly thanks to smart features: they allow you to record video, help calculate ballistics and navigate the terrain.

About the NGO Techiia Foundation:

The NGO Techiia Foundation is a public organization of the international holding TECHIIA. Since 2019, it has been implementing large-scale social and charitable initiatives in Ukraine. The Foundation's projects benefit thousands of people in the short and long term. The goals of the organizationa are to overcome the devastating consequences of the war in Ukraine, to modernize Ukrainian medicine, to reduce infant mortality from cancer, to promote STEM education.

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