The Giving Tuesday. The NGO Techiia Foundation has helped children which Tabletochki Foundation takes care of.

The NGO Techiia Foundation donated UAH 300,000 to the Tabletochki Charitable Foundation to purchase medicines for children with cancer. This is the beginning of the third project of the fund that aims to increase the effectiveness of pediatric oncology treatment in Ukraine.

We can do a lot of good things
- Oleg Krot

Every day, three Ukrainian families learn that their child has cancer. This is not a sentence in more developed countries, because more than 80% of children successfully overcome the disease. But in Ukraine, only less than half survive. One of the reasons is the lack of funds for the development of laboratories, the purchase of equipment and medicines.

The NGO Techiia Foundation has been helping to solve this problem for more than two years. As part of the "Get well faster!" project, the founders of the Foundation, Oleg Krot, and Yura Lazebnikov, purchased equipment worth over UAH 7 million for the surgical department of the Kropyvnytskyi Children's Hospital. With its help in 2019 alone, the hospital performed 30 successful oncological operations on the brain. In addition, funding for the Return to Life program has been going on for a year and a half, that’s the rehabilitation program in the pool for children who have beaten cancer.

A new NGO Techiia Foundation project is the beginning of cooperation with the Tabletochki Charitable Foundation. The Techiia Foundation made a contribution of UAH 300,000 to the program for purchasing medicine from abroad. These drugs are necessary for the full treatment of children, in particular, are prescribed to young patients before and after bone marrow transplantation. Providing these drugs allows physicians to use modern treatment protocols to increase recovery chances for the kids.

Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov

Photo: Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov

"The Tabletochki Foundation team helps children overcome oncology, this is our common goal. So symbolically, on a Giving Tuesday, we join the Tabletochki initiative to beat childhood cancer. This is a complex task that requires a lot of work and system changes. That is why we urge colleagues from Ukrainian business to join similar projects as often as possible because we can do a lot of good things,” said Oleg Krot, the Managing Partner at TECHIIA holding and co-founder of the NGO Techiia Foundation.

"Childhood cancer is a challenge not only for a particular family but also for the whole society because it is the cause of child mortality from diseases #1 in the world. But we can change that! - says Svitlana Pugach, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Tabletochki Foundation. - Children must recover, grow up, and carry on our good deeds. In order for more children in Ukraine to overcome cancer, we need medicines, equipment, access to modern therapies, and what is more important - support from people and companies. We are very proud to become a partner with the Techiia Foundation because we are joining forces and resources to create a future in which children do not die of cancer."

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