It is necessary to attract the industries that are just beginning to emerge to Ukraine

“It is necessary to attract the industries that are just beginning to emerge to Ukraine,” says Oleksander Davydenko, Chief Innovations Officer of TECHIIA holding.

Ukraine may become one of the most innovative countries in the world by 2025. Taking into account the economic situation and the war, we have no other way out. The main thing is to develop and implement an effective state strategy to attract new industries.

Such an idea was suggested to Ukrainian officials by Oleksander Davydenko, Chief Innovation Officer of TECHIIA holding, during the discussion on innovations at the Tiger Conference by Kyiv Post. He gives an example of two countries that could become leaders in industries that are, at first glance, atypical for them.

Malta has benefited the most from the emergence of the crypto industry and blockchain technology without sufficient high-speed Internet coverage. Canada has been able to monetize the rise of the medical cannabis industry better, although cannabis does not actually grow in Canada due to the cold.

“These are stories about what the state can do — to develop a strategy to attract industries to us, which are just beginning to emerge. These are new innovative industries that will attract new investors from all over the world. Investors are not only in the USA. There is enough money in the world that is ready to be invested in Ukrainian projects. Every month, every quarter, new areas for investment and points on the map where investors go appear. Ukraine can also become such a point,” explained Oleksander Davydenko.

We would like to remind you that on December 10, the traditional annual Tiger Conference by Kyiv Post, the English-speaking Ukrainian media, took place in Kyiv. During the panel discussion “How to Make Ukraine Finally Innovative,” Oleksander Davydenko, together with Dominique Piotet, CEO of, Max Tkachenko, CEO of SPACE HUB, and Georgii Sokolianskyi, Head of Cities, Central and Eastern Europe, Uber, discussed opportunities for innovation development in Ukraine until 2025.

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