Culver Aviation launches a tower status assessment service

Culver Aviation launches a tower status assessment service

The new service provides data collection on the condition of the towers 75% faster than traditional industrial mountaineering worker teams.

The service is based on Culver Aviation's own quadcopter. The drone flies over the object in a short period of time and collects the data necessary for analysis. After the flight, the client receives information on:

  • structure’s integrity and its angle;
  • tower’s 3D model and the result of its visual inspection;
  • orthophoto plan of the surrounding area.

With Culver Aviation, the surveying process is reduced from a few days for one object to several objects in one day. The customer receives data in a convenient format that will help in making management and engineering decisions about facilities.

“We are constantly expanding the list of services because the possibilities of using UAVs in combination with modern software are inexhaustible. The drone-based tower inspection service will significantly save time and money for their owners and telecom operators when deploying networks, as well as, for example, when reconnecting in the territories liberated from the occupiers," said Serhiy Ivanov, Chief Commercial Officer of Culver Aviation.

It is worth noting that Culver Aviation recently launched a new direction - the creation of 3D models to assess the destruction.

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