FS Holding signed a new contract with Wargaming for the production of merchandise and accessories

FS Holding signed a new contract with Wargaming for the production of merchandise and accessories

This is the second time these companies collaborate. The new collection of merch is bigger and, in addition to specialized online sellers, it will be available in large retail networks.

FS Holding, part of the TECHIIA international holding, has signed a licensing agreement with Wargaming, one of the world's largest publishers of free-to-play games, the developer of World of Tanks. According to the contract, by the end of 2023 FS Holding will be able to produce clothing, gaming accessories, and merchandise based on games published by Wargaming.

This is the second time we sign a contract with Wargaming,” says Vladimir Kostandi, Global Brand Partnerships & Licensing Director of FS Holding. - We collaborated from 2016 to 2018, and as a result of this collaboration, our products appeared on the official Wargaming Store in Europe and the USA. We will also promote the new collection abroad, but most of its products will be distributed across the CIS.

Unlike the previous collection under the Wargaming license, the new one will be distributed not only at profile online stores but also throughout large retail networks.

The collection is much bigger than the previous one. FS Holding has experience in the production of gaming merchandise, and it is this expertise and the company's merger with WP Merchandise! allowed to increase the assortment and sign a contract. FS Holding and Wargaming designers worked together on every item.

The list of products includes plush ones, such as new options for pillows, tanks, shells, and packaging made in the form of ammunition boxes. In order to accurately convey the atmosphere of the battle, R&D specialists carefully studied the design of the military boxes and copied it down to the exact number of nails.

In addition to plush toys based on the World of Tanks game, the new license allows us to create T-shirts, hoodies, special gamer oversleeves, scarves, gloves, and caps. It will also feature badges, key rings, mouse pads for professional players and glasses for soft drinks.

For fans from the CIS, the items of the new collection will be significantly more affordable than the previous collection of plush items, which were successfully sold on the official European sites of the Wargaming Store. For example, the new plush tanks were made easier to manufacture but retained the look of the merch created for the European Wargaming Store.

The collection will hit store shelves in November 2021. According to the Managing Partner of FS Holding and WP Merchandise! Yuri Antoshkin, the company wanted to sign a contract with Wargaming as soon as possible in order to have time to release the collection before the New Year.

It usually takes from six months to a year to prepare such a case, but we managed to come to an agreement in three months. Partly it was due to the fact that we already cooperated before, partly due to the quality of our products, explains Yuri Antoshkin. “Companies like Wargaming only give licenses to the top contractors. Therefore, for us, licensing agreements with major publishers are a kind of recognition of our expertise and motivation to move on and grow constantly.

For cooperation and distribution, please contact:


Oleg Parashchenko

Chief Operating Officer


+38 (098) 048 77 47

Evgeny Syrkin


+38 (050) 592 50 02


Vykintas Zilinskas

Business Development Director


(+357) 96-40-86-39

FS Holding is an international manufacturer and distributor of licensed gaming and merchandise products for fans of esports, games, films, comic books and anime. The company has its own network of offline and online stores FragStore. In 2020, the TECHIIA technology holding united the assets of international companies WP Merchandise! and FS Holding.

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