TECHIIA is investing $14 million in the international business of gaming merchandise and accessories.

TECHIIA technology holding has merged the assets of international companies WP Merchandise! and FS Holding to become one of the top players in the global market for the production, distribution, and sale of merch and accessories for the esports and gaming industries. In the next three years, the holding is planning to invest between $14 million and $30 million in these companies.

At least a third of the funds are invested in Ukraine, in particular through the development of a network of offline and online stores and the expansion of production under its own brands.

WP Merchandise!, which is an international company with offices in the USA and Cyprus, production, and R&D center in Ukraine, part of the TECHIIA holding, will be engaged in the production of licensed game merch and attributes of esports teams. Today, the factory in Kyiv produces a unique detailed plush premium-quality merchandise. The opening of a large factory, which will become one of the largest light industry productions in Ukraine, coming soon.

FS Holding, which is an international company headquartered in Cyprus, is now developing a chain of FragStore stores became a new company within the TECHIIA holding, and distributes products under BLIZZARD, RIOT GAMES, WETA WORKSHOP, JINX brands as well as its own brand, GLHF (GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN and WP). And from now it also distributes the WP Merchandise! products in the CIS countries, Ukraine, as well as in the markets of Europe and the United States. The company is developing offline outlets (there are already three of these), and, after the merger, began to develop even more actively its own network of online and offline FragStore stores in Ukraine and around the globe. In the nearest future, the first esports and gaming offline store FragStore in Ukraine will appear in first Ukraine’s esports arena, which WePlay Esports is building on the territory of the VDNG in Kyiv.

Both companies will keep their names and will work together as part of the TECHIIA holding. The merger took place through the redistribution of company shares between the owners, Oleg Krot, Yura Lazebnikov (founders of WP Merchandise! and TECHIA holding), and Yuri Antoshkin (FS Holding’s founder). The Managing Partner of the international FS Holding company is Yuri Antoshkin, who will also hold the position of CEO at WP Merchandise!.

Yura Lazebnikov

Yura Lazebnikov, the Managing Partner at TECHIIA holding and founder of WP Merchandise!:

“The esports market in the world is growing by 20% every year, it has no borders and no age restrictions. Esports has long since turned from just entertainment into business and we see great prospects in this. That is why within the holding we develop several businesses related to esports. Our ambitious plans to expand the range of merchandise, clothing, machinery, and equipment for players in association with FS Holding are now coming to life.

FS Holding is our long-standing distribution partner in the world, with a wide range of everything you need, which makes the life of gamers even more eventful and more comfortable, from special computer mouses to headsets, branded clothes, and chairs. FS Holding has its own FragStore retail network and the association of companies brings the development of online and offline retail in Ukraine and abroad”.

Yuriy Antoshkin

Yuriy Antoshkin, the Managing Partner and CEO at FS Holding & WP Merchandise!:
“With the help of TECHIIA Holding, we are now expanding our joint business, bringing it to a new international level. This is a full cycle of production, and distribution, as well as the sale of gaming and esports merchandise. Everything related to gaming and esports that gives fans additional emotions from games, teams, and players, all this will be available in our FragStore stores and in our partners’ stores”.

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