TECHIIA holding awarded the best teams of the Int20h student hackathon

154 participants and 12 winners are the results of the Int20h hackathon, the traditional annual IT competition among students, organized by the student organization BEST in Kyiv. Young people competed in four categories: Web Development, Mobile Development, Data Science, and Embedded.

The inner desire of the hackathon participants to change the world around them corresponds to the meaning of the TECHIIA holding existence
Viktoria Dzyba, Chief HR Officer

During 20 hours the participants developed IT products and presented them to investors. The winners of each category received pleasant gifts from a partner of the hackathon TECHIIA holding.

"As a technological holding company, we are interested in the development of STEM education and training of new formation of talented specialists. Hackathon is a practical platform for students to showcase their capabilities and try their hand at the future profession. We are happy to support such events and contribute to the development of the Ukrainian IT industry," comments Viktoria Dzyba, Chief HR Officer of TECHIIA holding.

In the Web category, the winners have developed a service that allows you to store information about Kyiv street art and artists, track its status, help in the preservation and study of murals, graffiti and other types of street art.

The winners of the Mobile category worked on an assistant to monitor their health. They created an application that helps find partners for joint sports activities and also motivates people with low physical activity to work on themselves.

In the Data Science Block, based on a large collection of photos, the problem of classification had to be solved. The winners made it much better. And in the Embedded category, participants developed a scanning device that could work with infrared radiation range. For the realization of such a project, participants had to combine knowledge of physics, mechanics, programming, and mathematics.

Among the winners are representatives of higher educational institutions from different cities of Ukraine: KPI, Odessa National Polytechnic University, Institute of Computer Systems,

The National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Polytechnic college of Svetlovodsk, National Aviation University, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, and the Ukrainian Catholic University.

"The organizers have done everything possible for us to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of development and apply all our skills in the work," Anatoly Babenko, a participant of the hackathons, shares his impressions. "The direction of Data science was helped by mentors, and it helped us to be more effective. The team and I strengthened our knowledge of fine-tuning ml models, searched for and found new approaches to data processing, learned to make and correct mistakes in practice. Now I have a deeper understanding of the challenges we will face in the future when developing projects, and I was inspired to do everything possible to cope with them."

"Thanks to the support of IT companies, we can not only give talented students the opportunity to try their hand at real projects but also get to know the best employers and start a career," says Anastasia Lagno, a representative of the student organization BEST and the main organizer of the Int20h hackathon.

The BEST student organization is a volunteer, non-profit student organization that has been operating for over 30 years. It was established in 1989 in Berlin. The KPI has a local group — BEST Kyiv which enriches the world view of students and spreads European culture values among them.

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