SENET by ENESTECH celebrates signing an agreement with Its 1000th client

Now, SENET by ENESTECH offers its services in 82 countries worldwide and continues to drive the esports industry forward.

SENET by ENESTECH has achieved a milestone of 1000+ clients in its portfolio for the first time since the start of its full-scale expansion. The product has not only reclaimed its position as a leader among cloud platforms for managing cyberclubs and internet cafes but has also expanded its global presence. Now, SENET by ENESTECH offers its services in 82 countries worldwide and continues to drive the esports industry forward.

With this number of clients, there are more than 700,000 SENET users per month worldwide, with the highest numbers in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the United States, Brazil, and Vietnam.

"A few years ago, we celebrated the milestone of 1000+ clients. We had 1700 clients, most of whom were in russia and belarus. However, after our full-scale invasion into Ukraine, we ceased providing services to users from these two countries without hesitation. We lost 1300 clients but continued to develop our product and expand services worldwide. Today, SENET has crossed the threshold of 1000 clients again because we are a team of innovators, thinkers, and enthusiasts united by a common vision – to pave a new path in the esports industry. And we are doing a fantastic job at it," said Sergiy Purish, CEO and co-founder of ENESTECH.

As previously reported, ENESTECH Software recently introduced the "Game Update" add-on for the SENET cloud platform. This add-on allows for convenient simultaneous game updates on all computers in the establishment, simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of administrator tasks.

ENESTECH Software is a cloud platform developer for managing esport clubs and internet cafes, and SENET is part of the TECHIIA holding. SENET enables remote control of computers and gaming consoles, monitoring loading, club payments, game updates, and much more. The quality, functionality, and support services of SENET have already been appreciated by clients in 82 countries worldwide. Recently, SENET became a finalist in the international Bold Awards in the Boldest eGaming/eSports category.

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