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WP Merchandise, a company within the TECHIIA holding, has launched a unique line of T-shirts and accessories inspired by the works of Georgian artist Avtandil Gurgenidze.
The plush toy "Patron Dog”, received the Silver award in the Soft Toys category at the prestigious Independent Toy Awards
Soft toys serve as a visual, tactile, and emotional extension of a brand that resides in the user's home and continues to work for its creator.
Soon, three new characters will be available for sale – Dog Patron, his friend Cat Tom, and the villain Bubukh.
Official plush toys of Ryseniatko and Kvus are already appearing on the shelves of the largest Ukrainian retail chains “Budynok Igrashok,” “Antoshka,” “Epicentr,” Myplay, and Fragstore. The highly detailed characters of the cartoon "Mavka. The Forest Song” were produced by the Ukrainian company WP Merchandise.
The WP Merchandise company, part of the TECHIIA holding, has designed and produced the first official collection based on the comic about Patron the dog. The comic itself will be released in December of this year.
Esports merch manufacturer WP Merchandise has expanded its product line to include clothing and accessories.
On the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine, new branded products appeared on the shelves of the Ukrainian chain of electronics and household appliances ‘Foxtrot’ - the "Foxy Ukrainochka" toys and "Foxy wearing a wreath" pillows.
WP Merchandise has launched sales of a plush merch collection based on the popular Rick and Morty franchise, so their fans don't have to wait for the next season to meet their favorite characters!
The manufacturer of highly detailed plush merch based on video games, comic books and movies WP Merchandise handed over plush toys of its own production to the displaced children.
The multifunctional robot for learning, board games for healthy communication, and interactive sets of shadow theater are among the winners of the innovative toys competition. Iryna Timina, Marketing Director of FS Holding in Ukraine became one of the jury members.
The plush collection consists of three pillows of different shapes. Each depicts the symbols of one of the most popular Justice League characters: Batman, Superman and Flash.