In 9 months we managed to create a project, that all other outsourcing companies failed to accomplish in 4 years. This is how {j: Mind.Systems} solve complex problems

{j: Mind.Systems} is a team of qualified professionals successfully implementing projects for customers from around the world, using technology expertise and an integrated approach. In {j: Mind.Systems} we not only take on the project according to the customer’s requirements but also help them improve their idea. The company conducts research to help with the selection of optimal technologies, business models, marketing, and market positioning of a future product.

{j: Mind.Systems} CEO Elena Shostak shares her experience in conducting various projects, working with customers from different countries, and building a strong team.

On {j:} operating model

The {j:} company was founded more than two years ago as a technology partner for the software development of internal projects of the TECHIIA holding.

Over time, the company began to grow, increase expertise in various domains, expand the technological stack, thereby attracting new projects. Today {j: Mind.Systems} is a self-sufficient company that works with customers from all over the world. In the company's portfolio, you can find both outsource and outstaff projects for the implementation of which various approaches and methodologies were used.

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“{J: Mind.Systems} is not only technological expertise but also experience in developing and launching various products,” says Elena Shostak. - As for technological expertise, our customers can always count on the optimal implementation of the project architecture. The second, but no less important task is to analyze the concept of the product itself. Market research, competitors, and, if necessary, the creation of the marketing strategy for the product. We are focused on the result and interested in the product to work out perfectly, maintain its development, and strengthen its position on the market.”

The {j: Mind.Systems} product team consists of Product Owners, Business Analysts, Product Designer and, if necessary, Scrum Master or Agile Coach. The main assignments of the team are the determination of the key functions and tasks of the product, development of a product strategy, work with a backlog, requirements set up due to their priorities, customer and the technical team communication, project progress evaluation, etc.

When a customer comes to us with his idea, our team performs a thorough analysis of the product in order to offer the best option for its implementation. Often we are faced with the need to refine the idea in order to increase its competitiveness on the market or make it attractive to investors. The expertise of our team allows us to introduce absolutely any technology, from streaming using VR to artificial intelligence
says Elena Shostak.

Here is how {j:} solve complex problems

It’s better to give an answer using some examples. Just like it’s often happening in many IT companies {j: Mind.Systems} faced with the need to develop a product as soon as possible. The development of this particular product by several outsourcing companies lasted about 4 years, but the product was never launched.

As a result, {j: Mind.Systems} finalized the product’s business model, optimized the architecture, reviewed the technology stack and services used, selected a team, and built up a marketing strategy.

Here is another example. Last year, the {j: Mind.Systems} team was contacted by a customer, who had not previously encountered the development of their own IT product but was consumed with the idea of a promising online business. Having no technical background, he absolutely did not know where to start and how to build the necessary processes. In {j: Mind.Systems}, we approached the development of MVP for this client with all the responsibility, describing all necessary functionality to attract investments, and in the short term, we successfully presented the complete product.

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“We do not cease to follow innovations and advanced technologies, constantly expanding our technological stack. Today, the {j: Mind.Systems} team is working with AI, ML, Big Data, AR / VR, Blockchain and has no plans for stopping. For the training and growth of our specialists, we have developed the Competence and Expertise Center based on our company,” says Elena Shostak.

Each {j: Mind.Systems} project is supervised by an Account Manager, so-called SPO (Single Point of Contact), who always stays in touch with the customer. In turn, the Product Owner is responsible for communication between the team and the customer. All {j: Mind.Systems} developers are fluent in English, which allows them to communicate directly with the customer and the customer’s team.

Ready to invest in a good idea

{j: Mind.Systems} work with various companies, starting from start-ups and up to large market players from different countries of Europe, the United States, and Asia. The company is ready to take on a project of any complexity if it has an original idea and development perspective.

One of the projects with a promising idea is a live-streaming platform with the ability to broadcast a 360º video stream. Today we are actively expanding the team for this project and will be glad to see candidates who are interested in this domain
says Elena Shostak

In addition to standard outsource and outstaff projects, the company practices co-investing in interesting ideas. In February this year, {j: Mind.Systems} has launched a large project from one of the co-founders of the company. At the moment, the project is at the active development stage and will soon be ready to hit the market.

Team formation

As it was mentioned earlier, {j: Mind.Systems} works with projects of different complexity, which implies the availability of high-level expertise in the company. That is why the recruitment department is aimed at finding experienced and qualified specialists.

“We are very thorough in hiring new team members. In addition to several stages of technical interviews, our HR team communicates with the candidate to ensure that his or her views are consistent with the values of our company. As a leader, it’s important for me to form a strong team to grow our company and develop new markets,” says Elena Shostak.

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For example, now {j: Mind.Systems} is searching for a Product Owner for one of the projects. Most often, it takes much less time to close such a vacancy than to search for a strong technical specialist, but not for this project. Taking into account the specifics of the tasks, the company considered about 200 candidates and only a few reached the final stages of the interview. The {j: Mind.Systems} guarantees that all specialists who join the team will work on interesting projects and solve complex problems using advanced technologies.

“One of the main values of our company is knowledge sharing and the growth of our team. For this, we have formed the Competence Center, we practice mentoring programs and knowledge exchange with employees of the entire TECHIIA holding. The possibility of continuous training and work on complex projects allows our specialists to pump professional skills at a fairly fast pace. For example, one of our employees managed to grow from a Junior to a confident Senior developer in a short period of time,” says Elena Shostak.

At {j: Mind.Systems} everyone with no exception is powered by Apple’s latest generation technology. In addition to modern equipment, the company's specialists have the opportunity to work on a flexible schedule or remotely, attend various training courses, workshops, conferences, improve the level of English with a native speaker, etc.

“Another principle of the company is openness. We are building a company with a flat structure and transparency at all levels,” says Elena Shostak, “for us it is important to share updates and plans with the team. The top management of the company regularly holds meetings where we share the latest news, make plans and set goals for the nearest future, introduce newcomers to the team, and discuss the introduction of new technologies.”

Photo by Sergey Grechka

In addition to regular meetings, the company practices “Coffee with SEO” - these are meetings over a cup of coffee, during which the guys can personally chat with the CEO, ask their questions and offer their ideas for the development of the company.

With the advent of new projects, the {j: Mind.Systems} company began to grow rapidly. Up to 10 people a month are joining our team. At the moment, the company has around 50 specialists, and by the fall we plan to expand to up to 100 people.

“Despite the fact that we are a fairly young company, we did not encounter the quarantine difficulties. Literally, in February, we launched a major project that allowed us to scale the development team and improve our expertise in new directions. Today we continue to explore promising markets and are ready for new challenges,” says Elena Shostak.

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