WePlay Holding

WePlay Holding is a corporate media group with headquarters in Los Angeles (USA) and Kyiv (Ukraine). It brings together innovative businesses in the entertainment, esports, gaming, and technology industries.

The holding accelerates the development of these industries with its own creative solutions in the areas of broadcasting, augmented reality, interactive entertainment, data collection, and other tools.

WePlay Holding includes the content production company WePlay Studios, the media platform for fighting games DashFight, and the analytics platform Esports Transfers.

WePlay Studios is the flagship company that produces content and organizes offline and online events in the gaming and esports industries. It knows how to create not just content but also memorable experiences for viewers.

DashFight is an information and media resource about the world of fighting games. It is more than just a media outlet; it is a community where players, tournament organizers, and fans can interact, share impressions, and exchange ideas.

Esports Transfers is a company that provides analytics on the esports market. It uses its own unique algorithm to evaluate the esports market and calculate the value of each player.

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