UAH 620 millones en ayuda: lo que transfirió la ONG Techiia Foundation a los defensores de Ucrania
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The British edition of TechRound published an article on the future of sales during live broadcasts (live commerce) and the Infinite solution from the JMIND team.
How fast did the company grow before the start of the full-scale invasion? What markets and development areas were a priority? What products of the company were the drivers of its growth?
The war forced top managers of Ukrainian companies to reconsider their plans and restructure their businesses under extreme pressure. In a column for SPEKA, JMIND CEO (part of TECHIIA Holding) Olena Shostak talks about how values and business directions change during major shocks.
JMIND, part of the TECHIIA holding, together with a team of international volunteers has developed a free application Blend Social, that helps provide people from all over the world with food, shelter, clothing, transport, and other assistance.
A detailed guide from JMIND’s Lead of Recruitment Natalie Petrash.
JMIND has placed its new product Infinite video streaming on the Product Hunt site.
In July 2021, JMind, one of the TECHIIA holding companies, launched its own video streaming platform for the B2B segment — Infinite.
Yet another company of the TECHIIA holding has joined the large international business community. JMind IT company has become an official member of the European Business Association (EBA).
JMind, una compañía del holding internacional TECHIIA, lanza un nuevo producto: Infinite.
Virtual fitting room: what is it, and why does the fashion industry's future lie with it?
All that other outsourcing companies failed to accomplish in 4 years, the {j: Mind.Systems} team achieved in less than a year. How do {j: Mind.Systems} solve complex problems?