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Elchin Aliyev, Chief Executive Officer of ENESTECH Software tells about why a cloud business needs pivot plans, and about possible mistakes when changing focus.
By Kostyantyn Kolesnichenko, Desktop Lead at ENESTECH Software company.
Marta Tsisaruk, the Product Designer at Enestech Software tells about the point of the redesign, the stages of creating a new version of the interface for the Senet service, and how to deal with haters.
La solución de gestión de esports de Enestech, SENET, ha sido nominada a los Cloud Awards en dos categorías
Enestech Software's Senet platform: esports is closer than you think
La solución de software ucraniana para gestionar centros y arenas informáticos fue nominada en dos categorías: mejor SaaS para gestión empresarial y mejor SaaS para pequeñas empresas, o PYME.
40 countries in different parts of the world and more than 4,53 million users — ENESTECH, the Ukrainian software product company, conquers the world market of PC gaming centres with the SaaS service SENET.
Cyber clubs and Lan centers started booming about 20 years ago. So now, the new generation of gamers prefer going to play in the eSport-bar, creating their own micro-communities.