De drones a equipos — La ONG Techiia Foundation proporciona ayuda humanitaria por un valor de UAH 231 millones (casi $7.9 millones)
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Ukrainian company Culver Aviation produces self-designed drones. However, it does not sell UAVs but provides a DaaS (Drone-as-a-Service). The company provides them based on images of the earth's surface taken by their self-designed UAVs. Since the beginning of the war, Culver Aviation has handed over several pieces to the Armed Forces. The AIN.UA editorial office asked the company's CEO Oleksandr Davydenko about his work during the war.
Culver Aviation launched Damage Monitoring to help assess the damage and properly allocate resources required for reconstruction after the war.
The war changed Oleksandr's business dramatically. On how an entrepreneur copes with new challenges, why he moved his business to the western part of Ukraine and why he began to provide educational services read further in this article.
A manufacturer of air monitoring services, Culver Aviation, which is part of the TECHIIA holding, has opened the first enrollment to UAV operator training courses.
Culver Aviation, part of TECHIIA Holding, an aerial monitoring solutions developer, handed over two SKIF UAVs of its own production worth UAH 1.6 million to the defenders of Ukraine.
After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, Culver Aviation moved its production and development officeto the west of the country. At the new location, the company continues to work on the development of devices and software for aerial monitoring services.
Culver Aviation se ha convertido en parte del TECHIIA Holding. Culver Aviation es una compañía tecnológica que proporciona una recolección de datos rápida desde la superficie utilizando VANT, y sus analíticas para la toma de decisiones gerenciales beneficiosas. La compañía ha estado en el mercado desde 2014 bajo la marca ITEC, y en 2021 fue adquirida por TECHIIA Holding.