Proyectos del holding TECHIIA ingresaron en la lista de las mejores iniciativas sociales del 2022
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Los socios gerentes de TECHIIA han designado al primer CEO en la historia del holding: Yevhen Nikolaichuk, director financiero de TECHIIA.
My name is Iryna Isay and I am a tech writer at WePlay Esports media holding which is part of the TECHIIA holding. In this article I will share my experience how to draw up and structure the documentation.
We will try to cover the basic questions from managers and engineers when it comes to salaries.
"TOP-100. Ratings of the largest'' magazine awarded the financial director of the TECHIIA holding
Hi, my name is Irina Isai, I am a technical writer at the WePlay Esports media holding. I want to share my experience of conducting a tech documentation audit and the creation of product documentation for several products of our company at once.
What to ask so as not to regret afterward.
Focus on the benefits to the business, surround yourself with a support group and do not forget to take care of your health
Why automate HR processes and introduce new technologies?
The winners of each category received pleasant gifts from a partner of the hackathon TECHIIA holding.
La clasificación fue elaborada por la revista Business. El proceso de Recursos Humanos del holding fue reconocido como uno de los mejores en Ucrania. En particular, el uso de un bot para RR. HH., un sistema HRM y una bien pensada adaptación de los empleados a las innovaciones.