Culver Aviation presentó Menatir, una innovadora red de UAV de monitoreo aéreo automatizado
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On May 10, the 5th session of the global conversation "Talk to Ukraine" by the IT Ukraine Association will take place. During the webinar, CEOs of IT companies and the Ministry of Digital Transformation will discuss the potential of public-private partnerships to bring Ukraine closer to victory. Marianna Konina, Chief Public Engagement Officer of TECHIIA Holding will be performing the role of a moderator of this event.
El director de cine estadounidense ("2012", "El día después de mañana", "Día de la Independencia") hará una película o una serie de televisión en Ucrania sobre la lucha de los ucranianos por la libertad de su país y de todo el mundo civilizado. Habló sobre esta intención durante la grabación de su declaración en vídeo en apoyo a Ucrania.
5 reasons why women don’t hold senior positions in Ukraine.
In a conversation with AIN.UA, Krot and Lazebnikov talked about how to remotely manage a huge holding with almost a thousand employees, being on a lockdown in the USA.
Yevhen Kovalevsky, Chief Product Officer at TECHIIA holding, talks about creating IT products during the quarantine.
In addition to the speed of business transformation in situations, like quarantine across the globe, constant monitoring is essential.
Design is not about logos, sketches, and layout. Design is about emotions that the user experiences.
The pandemic has become a great challenge for socially responsible businesses around the globe.
Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been held for 50 years already, Ukrainian startups have been presented at the exhibition for four years now.
Recently, a passion for video games promised dissatisfaction of parents, but today the earnings of professional esports athletes can reach millions of dollars.
The hero of this series is technology parks. What are these — cores of innovation and magnets for investment or just image history?