Ο όμιλος TECHIIA και η Aestech στηρίζουν τις "Αρχές για την ανάκαμψη της Ουκρανίας"
Oλα τα νέα
The plush toy "Patron Dog”, received the Silver award in the Soft Toys category at the prestigious Independent Toy Awards
Yura Lazebnikov, investor, Managing Partner at TECHIIA.
The Ukrainian production company WePlay Studios of the TECHIIA holding became a partner of the project, producing and filming the performers' performance.
Soft toys serve as a visual, tactile, and emotional extension of a brand that resides in the user's home and continues to work for its creator.
The names of the bureaus and studios that have made it to the festival's special award shortlist.
The Brave Business UA project comprises 22 stories from Ukrainian top managers and entrepreneurs about preparing their businesses for war.
This simplifies the work of administrators and allows them to be more efficient.
5 steps from an entrepreneur.
For the second year in a row, Aestech is initiating and supporting the Futureglass Prize award as part of the world's most significant architecture and development event, the World Architecture Festival 2023.
This is an official confirmation of the exceptional quality of Aestech products for clients in Europe and worldwide.
A vibrant style accompanies the new stage of development for the holding. At its core is the desire to reflect essential aspects of shows since vibrant shows are one of WePlay's key specializations.
ENESTECH Software company has completed another localization of SENET, a platform for computer clubs and esports arenas automation. Turkish has become the eleventh language version of the product.