Ο όμιλος TECHIIA και η Aestech στηρίζουν τις "Αρχές για την ανάκαμψη της Ουκρανίας"
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Enthusiast Gaming and WePlay Studios have extended their partnership for the second season of the popular American gaming show, NFL Tuesday Night Gaming, which began in the fall of 2023.
Yura Lazebnikov, investor, Managing Partner at TECHIIA.
Commentator for esports tournaments — Oleksiy "uHo" Maletskyi.
WePlay Esports, a part of the TECHIIA Holding, has entered into an agreement to create a game show with the stars of the US National Football League and famous Twitch streamers.
The design team of the holding received another award from one of the most prestigious international design competitions — Red Dot. The organizers awarded the team for the identity of the esports portal esports.ua in the Brand design & Identity category.
This tournament with a UAH 57,000 prize pool took place from 10 to 18 December and the Ukrainian Esports Federation (UESF) became the information partner of the event.
From December 11 to January 9 in the VDNG Concert Hall (Pavilion 9) a New Year's show that will introduce everyone to the world of esports will take place.
Η WePlay Esports διοργάνωσε ένα από τα πιο πολύχρωμα τουρνουά Dota 2 και είναι έτοιμη να φιλοξενήσει τη κορυφαία διοργάνωση esports στο Κίεβο.
During the esports conference, the Chief Financial Officer of the TECHIIA international holding spoke about the strategic advantages of esports and the specifics of operating in various markets.
Η διεθνής εταιρεία χαρτοφυλακίου μέσων esports, η WePlay Esports, η οποία αποτελεί μέρος της εταιρείας χαρτοφυλακίου TECHIIA, οργανώνει το δεύτερο μεγάλο Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). Η εκδήλωση θα λάβει χώρα 2-13 Ιουνίου του 2021, στην αρένα WePlay Esports στο Κίεβο.
How has the pandemic affected esports, and is it worth investing in this industry?
Μία συνέντευξη με τον Διευθύνοντα Εταίρο της εταιρείας μέσων WePlay Esports, Oleg Krot