WP Merchandise!

The production of premium plush souvenirs based on video game or comic book characters, as well as props for various esports events.

WP Merchandise originality

WP Merchandise company makes the characters of games and comics closer to people, embodying them in real toys. The high level of detail, quality of materials and tailoring makes WP Merchandise products perfect collector's items and popular all over the world. Today, the company's distribution covers the vast majority of the CIS countries, Europe, and the United States.

Our advantages:

Own production

We produce products at our factory in Kyiv, which is certified to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Unique design

We make every effort to make sure that our products correspond to the image of the character from the video game or comic book as much as possible. We take care of design development, detail of all elements (in products from 20 to 160 parts), and quality of all materials. That's why our merch is in the collections of gamers and comics fans from all over the world.


We deliver our products to any place in the world thanks to our sophisticated logistics and our warehouses in Europe and the CIS. We also work with our partners, who operate a strong distribution network worldwide.

WP Merchandise clients

Wargaming and Epic Games have entrusted WP Merchandise with the production of their licensed products. Fans of such famous esports teams as NAVI and Vitrus.Pro also received a line of thematic products to support their idols.


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