About US

TECHIIA IT-holding is the team of enthusiastic specialists who bring technological advances to a whole new level. We believe that the future of humanity lies in the synergy of new media and technology. That is why we work hard to influence global progress and contribute to people’s wellbeing. Our main priority is to provide friendly coexistence between technology and nature.

TECHIIA is a Ukrainian word that symbolizes unstoppable progress. It is about adapting to the fast-changing world with the ultimate goal to serve humanity. And it is about caring for the environment and nature within the context of technological development.

Our team consists of like-minded people who share our values and give us the opportunity for dynamic and inclusive development. We introduce high quality and performance standards. We also maintain a high level of trust with our employees and partners, and, by minimizing the bureaucracy risks, we open many ways for freedom of action and creativity. Our work is our passion, so we are always ready to ambitiously meet any challenges on our way!

TECHIIA Holding was found in 2018, after several companies from various business areas had been united by lead partners Yuri Lazebnikov and Oleg Krot.

The first company having joined the holding was found in 2010. Every company in the holding is unique, and all of them brought their expertise, ideas, and experience to TECHIIA.

TECHIIA united ten projects and more than 1000 experts. Together we’re strong!

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Flexibility and openness to new

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