About Techiia

Who we are?

Are you surprised by Tesla in orbit or robots being superior to humans in terms of intelligence? I’ll bet your answer is no. Most people nowadays are not surprised by AI, nanotechnology or new media formats, because any news about new products spreads in a matter of a few seconds.

It’s not a shock, because more than 5.112 billion people on the planet are mobile users, and more than 4.388 billion have been using the Internet for a respectable amount of time.

Dynamic progress in IT and media creates new directions, specialized niches, and challenges for businesses of any scale.

Challenge accepted

We are TECHIIA team! TECHIIA – more than 1000 highly skilled professionals in the areas of IT-development and IT-infrastructures, new media and energy. We have been united and led by one global mission – the creation of new solutions on a sustainable basis and best practices in technologies and new media.

We united into the one holding company back in 2018 for public and formal secure the link between projects and teams. However, back in 2010, developers and holding leaders accumulated their effort and started WePlay! – the Esports project. Subsequently, from WePlay! We have grown in other directions such as a J:Mind.Systems and WePlay! Merchandise. At the same time, IT-infrastructure development teams for large companies and banks were created in parallel. One of the last projects Mining Express, launched by one of the teams, was included in the ambitious new project of the holding - EcoTechnoPark by TECHIIA.

TECHIIA principles

Work efficiently and effectively

Attention to details

Social responsibility

Sustainability statement

Long-term vision for every project

Constant growth and development