WP Merchandise

WP Merchandise

WP Merchandise – the line of business for creating premium plush merchandise from games and comic book heroes. The company is engaged in a detailed reproduction of fandom items and artifacts from video games. WP Merchandise responsibilities also include the development of props for different events and eSports culture support



WP Merchandise has its own factory in Europe, officially certified by ISO 9001: 2015, which is another proof of quality.

Unique design

WP Merchandise creates products of any complexity! Beginning from simple souvenirs (up to 20 parts), all the way to complex toys and cosplay elements (up to 160 details).


WP Merchandise has its own warehouses, conveniently located in Europe and the CIS. Elaborate logistic provides fast deliverance. Also, the company has established an affiliate marketing network for product sales.


Among the clients who entrusted the production of their license to WP Merchandise includes media-giants such as Wargaming and Epic Games. Fans of famous esport-teams, like NAVI and Vitrus.Pro also get a line of thematic product to support their idols.

The company clients base is permanently growing!

If you have questions about the project or wish to become part of it, WP Merchandise is always open for proposals!

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