TECHIIA holding joins the UN Global Compact
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Which areas are developing most dynamically and will maintain this dynamics after the pandemic?
The Inclusion and Correction Center Eva that can host up to 40 patients has already started working. Children who have undergone oncology treatment or have a disability are helped in the Center free of charge. Eva is supported by the TECHIIA holding.
Roman Rodin about using digital currency in Ukraine.
TECHIIA’s co-founder gave an interview to Authority Magazine. He shared the five most important rules a business leader must follow to lead the team effectively in turbulent times.
This is the second time these companies collaborate. The new collection of merch is bigger and, in addition to specialized online sellers, it will be available in large retail networks.
Tourism, satellites, and garbage. Which space directions are more likely to generate income in the next 10 years? The estimated number is $1.4 trillion by 2030.
4 steps to create a strong desigт team.
How to protect the intellectual property of IT companies abroad and why Ukrainian companies try to protect themselves outside the rule of law.
JMind, a company within the international holding company TECHIIA, is launching a new product — Infinite.
​Opening an account in a foreign bank is significantly different from the same procedure in Ukraine. Read about the disadvantages and advantages of banks with a history and young financial institutions, as well as what non-obvious information they can ask for.​​