Culver Aviation presented Menatir — an innovative automated aerial monitoring UAV network
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How fast did the company grow before the start of the full-scale invasion? What markets and development areas were a priority? What products of the company were the drivers of its growth?
There will be six days to find ideas for innovative projects for the post-war recovery of Ukraine's economy. The Ministry of Education and the Ukrainian Startup Fund announces the Science & Business Startup Hackathon. One of the hackathon’s mentors is Oleksandr Davydenko, Chief Innovations Officer of TECHIIA Holding.
Nick Ziong, Financial Modeling Manager, TECHIIA International Holding.
Together both companies will give a new impetus to the US and global gaming and esports industry.
Armor, optics, drones, and dozens of other necessary items are already at the forefront - the NGO Techiia Foundation continues to provide the defenders of Ukraine with the essential items. During the three months of such assistance, its cost exceeded UAH 620 million ($21.2 million).
The holding launches a construction technology project and focuses on revenue-generating markets.
The new service provides data collection on the condition of the towers 75% faster than traditional industrial mountaineering worker teams.
A famous American marketer Cameron Pfizenmaier urged Ukrainians who had to flee because of the war to turn to Americans for help.
With its help, any SENET user will be able to create their own esports tournament.
This text could be packed into two short theses "Do what you do best" and "Believe in the Armed Forces". But I want to make a few more specific points.
Binox 4T Smart HD Thermal Binoculars, optical devices, and accessories worth UAH 131.5 million ($4.5 million) were ordered by the NGO Techiia Foundation from the American company ATN. For almost a month now, ATN has been working on the production of this order and now innovative optics are already in the hot spots of Ukraine.
Before the war in Ukraine, there was an increased demand for unmanned aerial vehicles - drones were helping farmers and road workers, foresters, and rescue forces. Therefore, the interest of investors in startups related to drones was obvious. One such company is Culver Aviation, which manufactures SKIF drones and provides ground monitoring services. But the war changed everything dramatically…