TECHIIA holding joins the UN Global Compact
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What to do if your career is at a standstill and the job is no longer exciting.
About why charity is useful for business and what projects it should focus on.
Alexander Davydenko, the Managing Director of VRTX Lab, TECHIIA’s venture studio, on the reasons for the low survival rate of startups, the "valley of death" and new models of venture investment.
Daria Sidorenko, Legal Officer of the international holding TECHIIA —​ about what a lawyer in the company actually does and why he is neither a magic pill nor a fifth wheel.
Three recommendations about working- and human relations in a team.
On the applied benefits of sustainable development principles for business.
5 reasons why women don’t hold senior positions in Ukraine.
Yura Lazebnikov TECHIIA’s co-founder had a great chat with Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group where they discussed the start of entrepreneurship, how to find business ideas, and important guidance for leaders.
Yet another company of the TECHIIA holding has joined the large international business community. JMind IT company has become an official member of the European Business Association (EBA).
About the (un)essential need of the university, fears of generations, and choice of profession.
The corporate identity of the TECHIIA holding received the international Red Dot Award 2021 in the Brands&Communication Design category. The identity was developed by the sense it creative agency.
Alongside other experts, TECHIIA’s Managing Partner Yura Lazebnikov will make decisions on which of the startups submitted to the fund are worth investment.