TECHIIA holding invested in Culver Aviation
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Oleg Krot, the Managing Partner of TECHIIA holding, talks about the rules of the international business community, transparent investors, and difficulties due to Ukraine’s reputation.
The international holding TECHIIA is now in the sustainable development rating in Ukraine. The ranking was created and conducted by the Money and the Korrespondent magazines in partnership with the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine.
Under the terms of this agreement, FS Holding will exclusively manufacture, sell and distribute several categories of merchandise in Europe and the CIS.
Why Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov, TECHIIA’s Managing Partners invest in medicine and education.
Every day, jobs and entire industries are on the brink of extinction. However, professional growth and career plans should not be left behind. Yet our approach should be reconsidered.
Eugene Nikolaychuk, Chief Financial Officer at TECHIIA holding tells about ways to attract investment in the early stages of the company's growth, reputational risks due to inattentive investors, and the role of the CEO.
Yura Lazebnikov, an investor, the Managing Partner of TECHIIA technology holding and WePlay Esports media holding told about the help and harm of computer games, the e-athletes’ lifestyle and how not to get yourself expelled from the university, even if there’s such a risk.
Will English law be able to perform in Ukraine, what problems it can solve and what does it have to do with Diya.City
The international esports media holding WePlay Esports, which is part of the TECHIIA holding, is organizing the second major Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). The event will take place on June 2–13, 2021 at the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv.
The first tournament with a prize pool of UAH 11,640 was attended by teams from 16 Kyiv universities. The NAU Stewards team from the National Aviation University won that tournament.
My name is Iryna Isay and I am a tech writer at WePlay Esports media holding which is part of the TECHIIA holding. In this article I will share my experience how to draw up and structure the documentation.